Winter Sila Pashmina StolesWinter Sila Pashmina Stoles

Sila Pashmina Stole

Rs. 13,900
Winter Zale Pashmina StolesWinter Zale Pashmina Stoles

Zale Pashmina Stole

Rs. 12,900
Winter Pasham Pashmina StolesWinter Pasham Pashmina Stoles

Pasham Pashmina Stole

Rs. 9,900
Winter Kashmir Pashmina Stoles Winter Kashmir Pashmina Stoles

Kashmir Pashmina Stoles

Rs. 13,900
Winter Galad Pashmina StolesWinter Galad Pashmina Stoles
Sold out

Galad Pashmina Stole

Rs. 13,900
Winter Shannah Pashmina StolesWinter Shannah Pashmina Stoles

Shannah Pashmina Stole

Rs. 13,900
Winter Elira Pashmina StolesWinter Elira Pashmina Stoles

Elira Pashmina Stole

Rs. 11,900
Winter Aurelia Pashmina StolesWinter Aurelia Pashmina Stoles

Aurelia Pashmina Stole

Rs. 9,900
Winter Evenfall Pashmina StolesWinter Evenfall Pashmina Stoles

Evenfall Pashmina

Rs. 9,900
Winter Agersia Pashmina StolesWinter Agersia Pashmina Stoles

Agersia Pashmina Stole

Rs. 11,900
Winter Fordgo Pashmina StolesWinter Fordgo Pashmina Stoles

Fordgo Pashmina Stole

Rs. 7,999
Winter Hermes Pashmina ShawlWinter Hermes Pashmina Shawl
Sold out

Hermes Pashmina Shawl

Rs. 9,999
Winter Maeve Pashmina Stoles - VeavesWinter Maeve Pashmina Stoles - Veaves

Maeve Pashmina Stole

Rs. 14,375


What is the best way to determine whether a pashmina men's stoles online are of the original quality?

When you are buying from an online store, there are few things that you should consider before ordering:-

1. Make sure you are dealing with a genuine dealer, who is not just taking photographs from the internet and passing it off as his own store.

2. You should always check the quality of the product before making a purchase, so ensure the pictures are good enough for you to judge the quality.

3. Check the returns policy of the store and make sure they have a good track record of customer satisfaction.


What is the ideal size of winter stoles for women when you order stoles online?

There is no fixed standard for stoles for women. The size of stoles varies from brand to brand. But a good fitting stole to women is one that ends at the wrist. If the stole is too long, it becomes difficult to carry. At Veaves, our handwoven stole size for women is 55cm x 170cm, 50cm x 180cm, 70cm x 190cm.


How long will it take to receive my pashmina stoles if I order them online?

That depends on several different factors such as availability and region. Contact us if you would like to know more about delivery details.