Resonating with our vision under Threads of Care, we aim to resurrect the life and limb of the handloom culture that was once the blazing glory of our nation. Ingrained in our goals, we pour countless hours’ worth of devotion mixed with a background story on every product that reaches your doorstep. Our community of talented artisans comprehends the need for a movement to revive the popularity and need of handwoven commodities, to keep continuing the thread of age-old legacies that binds us together, today. At Veaves, we set our sight on bringing back the very essence of handicrafts through home furnishings and accessories.




The fuel that keeps our wheels of change revolving around the handloom culture, our talented artisans, can be placed around the spine of Veaves. Forging their threads and needles in an undaunting spirit, our artisans are responsible for actualizing a design to life. The communities that have passed down aeons of knowledge and skill are the ones keeping our culture alive and seem to be the ones on the receiving end of exploitation that is undeserved. The collective awakening of identifying this issue and slowly working towards putting an end to this is what we strive for with our continued efforts to help spread this awareness. Our vision is to continue to give these weavers a platform to showcase their talent and soon start a weaving school that will help us encourage their craft and give it the appreciation it truly deserves.


You. Our customers tend to be conscious buyers for entering the circle of home-grown labels and ethically sourced commodities. Your principled approach is the key to bringing back the once glorified handloom culture into our daily lives. By supporting handmade products, you help the artisanal community and its art grow. Your valuable observation and feedback are vital to helping us improve and grow to serve you and the world with better quality.


Our products reflect values and stories of multiple cultures. The tales you’ll often hear in the whispers of these fabrics would be of their journey from the handlooms of India to design in Varanasi and further embroidered by our artisans. Each one has a different path, but brings together the voices of the community of weavers from around the country that helped create them. Imbibing their essence into your homes, our products are heirlooms to pass it down to future generations as a symbol of grandeur that handloom holds.