Zinat Handwoven Cushions Set of 2 pcsZinat Handwoven Cushions Set of 2 pcs
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Zinat Handwoven Cushion - 1 pc

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Banu Handwoven Cushion Sets of 2 pcsBanu Handwoven Cushion Sets of 2 pcs

Banu Handwoven Cushion - 1 pc

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Aram Handwoven Cushion Sets of 2 pcsAram Handwoven Cushion Sets of 2 pcs

Aram Handwoven Cushion - 1 pc

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Inure Handwoven CushionInure Handwoven Cushion

Inure Handwoven Cushion - 1 pc

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Vera Handwoven Cushion Set of 2Vera Handwoven Cushion Set of 2

Vera Handwoven Cushions - 1 pc

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Home decoration ideas for festive cushions online

The holidays are the perfect time to accessorize your home with some festive cushions! Embroidery is always a chic touch, so try to find some festive holiday patterns and stick to warm colors to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You can find tons of design and pattern ideas at Veaves, so get started on your holiday decor today!


What are the ideal sizes of handmade Cushions Online?

The size of the Cushion will depend on how big you want it to look on your couch. It all depends on you, and on what looks best on your couch. Some people like to have smaller cushions, to have different colors and styles in the same room. There are no precise rules for this. Just go with what you think looks nice. At Veaves, our handmade cushion sizes are 16"x16", 18" x 18" and 12' x 18" and 16"x20" Inches.


Tips for buying festive cushions online?

When you are buying Cushions Online store, there are few things that you should consider before ordering:-

1. Make sure you are dealing with a genuine dealer, who is not just taking photographs from the internet and passing it off as his own store.

2. You should always check the quality of the product before making a purchase, so ensure the pictures are good enough for you to judge the quality.

3. Check the returns policy of the store and make sure they have a good track record of customer satisfaction.

4. You can also opt for embroidery patterns and textures. For a festive atmosphere, you can also choose warm colors.


What type of material is used for cushions?

It depends upon personal choice, there are many types of handmade cushions. Here at Veaves, we have different types of cushions, and guess what? All of them are Handmade which adds a brownie point. Feel free to check our handmade cushions online.