How do I choose the right size for a festive table runner?

It depends on your table size. If your table is not too large, it is better to buy a runner in a similar length as the table. If you have a larger table you can use a long runner to cover the whole length of the table. For a smaller table, even a runner that is actually too large can be coiled into a cylinder and rolled up underneath. At Veaves, handmade table runner are 80"x14" Inches.


Can a runner be shorter than the table?

A formal table runner is usually about the length of a dining table, but a shorter table runner can provide contrast in a more casual setting. A shorter runner will have the same impact as a longer one, but you'll be able to show off your dining room table more.


How can we choose the right dining table runner?

The first thing to consider when choosing a dining room table runner is the color. Generally speaking, the dining room is the most formal room in many homes. The color you choose for the dining room table runner needs to be in harmony with the overall color scheme of the dining room. The second thing to consider is the fabric. Table runners made of fabric that drapes better such as silk and linen cotton will look better.


What kind of material is used to make a dining table runner?

It depends upon personal choice, there are many types of handmade dining table runner. Here at Veaves, we use cotton and silk material for our table runner, and guess what? All of them are Handmade which adds a brownie point. Feel free to check our handmade dining table runner