Marlee Handwoven DupattaMarlee Handwoven Dupatta
Sold out
Basil Handwoven DupattaBasil Handwoven Dupatta
Sold out
Elation Handwoven StoleElation Handwoven Stole
Sold out
Blue Log Handwoven Linen StoleBlue Log Handwoven Linen Stole
Sold out
Clover Handwoven Linen StoleClover Handwoven Linen Stole
Sold out
Debatido Handwoven Cotton StoleDebatido Handwoven Cotton Stole
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Adiva Linen DupattaAdiva Linen Dupatta
Sold out

Adiva Linen Dupatta

Rs. 3,499.00
Blando Handwoven Cotton StoleBlando Handwoven Cotton Stole

Blando Handwoven Cotton Stole

Rs. 2,799.00
Float - Handwoven Linen StoleFloat - Handwoven Linen Stole
On sale

Float - Handwoven Linen Stole

Rs. 3,825.00 Rs. 4,499.00
Ebullient Ghicha(raw) Silk  StoleEbullient Ghicha(raw) Silk  Stole
On sale

Ebullient Ghicha(raw) Silk Stole

Rs. 5,100.00 Rs. 5,999.00
Fellow Hand-Woven StolesFellow Hand-Woven Stoles
Sold out


What is the difference between a scarf and stole?

Most scarves are designed to be wrapped around your head or neck, but a summer stole is a long piece of fabric, usually rectangular or square. The stole is typically lighter than the scarf and can be used for a variety of occasions.


How do you wear a stole with jeans?

The most common and stylish way to wear a scarf is by pairing it with a basic shirt or a white tee and adding a pair of jeans. Try tying your scarf firmly around your neck, not too tight, and tucking your shirt into your jeans.


What is stole in India?

A stole is a long scarf worn around the shoulders by women and men. It is often embroidered.


When ordering summer stoles online, how long will they take to arrive?

That depends on several different factors such as availability and region. Contact us if you would like to know more about delivery details.


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