Quies Fine Cashmere StoleQuies Fine Cashmere Stole
Sold out
Chrysos Fine Cashmere StoleChrysos Fine Cashmere Stole
Sold out
Marlee Handwoven DupattaMarlee Handwoven Dupatta
Sold out
Basil Handwoven DupattaBasil Handwoven Dupatta
Sold out

Basil Handwoven Dupatta

Rs. 3,799.00
Adiva Linen DupattaAdiva Linen Dupatta
Sold out

Adiva Linen Dupatta

Rs. 3,499.00
Schematic Handwoven Cotton StoleSchematic Handwoven Cotton Stole
Sold out

Schematic Handwoven Cotton Stole

Rs. 3,799.00
Esmeralda DupattaEsmeralda Dupatta

Esmeralda Dupatta

Rs. 4,899.00
Eventide DupattaEventide Dupatta
Sold out

Eventide Dupatta

Rs. 2,999.00 Rs. 3,500.00
Modestus Handwoven DupattaModestus Handwoven Dupatta
Sold out


How do you style a festive stole?

The easiest way to wear a festive stole is to not knot it. Instead, run it around your neck in even folds and let the two loose ends fall down your front in two straight, parallel lines.


How long should my stole be?

It differs from person to person and their uses. At Veaves, we have a size chart for festive stoles.


What can I use instead of dupatta?

There are many alternatives for a festive dupatta. How about you try our festive stole instead of a dupatta?


When ordering festive stoles online, how long will they take to arrive?

That depends on several different factors such as availability and region. Contact us if you would like to know more about delivery details.


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