Hand Woven

Fika - Cushion Covers

Fika is a social coffee break in Sweden culture and, our soft cotton cushion cover makes for a picture-perfect addition to your Fika. A beautiful beige that blends seamlessly from season to season, it is handcrafted by skillful craftsmen. Elaborated with contemporary screen print, Fika cushion covers can instantly liven up any dull space, and your mood too.

Hand Woven

Ataraxia - Cushion Covers

Ataraxia in Greek stands for a state of blissful calm. Our serene cushion cover evokes this feeling through an exquisite sea blue tint featuring Kantha embroidery from West Bengal, united harmoniously with handwoven linen fabric. It can easily blend in with any backdrop and adds a touch of elegance to its surroundings.

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