What are the best handmade gifts for Diwali to give?

The best gifts for diwali are handmade gifts. Of course you can give any other thing but the sentimental value of handmade things can not be compared with any other thing you might give to your loved one. At Veaves, we offer a range of products of handmade gifts for Diwali.


What are the products you sell in handmade Diwali gifts?

At Veaves, We Sell handmade coasters, handmade cushions, handmade table runners.


What are some creative diwali gift ideas?

There are a whole lot of handmade Diwali gift ideas, it could be dry fruits, sweets, jewelry, and many more. But let's talk about what we offer at Veaves, We offer handmade home decor products such as handmade coasters, handmade cushions, and handmade table runners. All of our products are handmade and made with care.


Are handmade gifts better?

Handmade gifts are always better than machine made ones because they portray the message that the giver has put thought, effort, and love into making the gift. It shows how much they care and the love they have for their recipient. You can make something yourself or purchase a gift from a shop online, either way, handmade gifts are always the better option.


What is the expected delivery time for handmade diwali gifts?

Delivery time depends upon region and may differ in every state, for any queries feel free to contact us.