Virtu Handmade Tissue BoxVirtu Handmade Tissue Box

Virtu Handmade Tissue Box

Rs. 2,800
Cael Handmade Tissue BoxCael Handmade Tissue Box

Cael Handmade Tissue Box

Rs. 2,800
Zinat Handwoven Cushions Set of 2 pcsZinat Handwoven Cushions Set of 2 pcs
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Zinat Handwoven Cushion - 1 pc

Rs. 1,700
Anga Handwoven Table runnerAnga Handwoven Table runner

Anga Handwoven Table Runner

Rs. 5,200


What's the point of a handmade dining table runner?

Handmade Dining Table Runners are a great way to add a little bit of style to your table. They can be used to cover up plain tables or to add a bit of color and design to your home decor and protect your table. When it comes to choosing a table runner, the prints, patterns, and designs are all important factors to consider.


What type of fabric is best for handmade cushions?

There are a lot of different materials that can be used to make handmade cushions, but cotton and linen are two of the most popular. They're both durable and easy to wash, which makes them great for your home decor. Plus, they're made from natural fibers so they're a good choice for people with sensitive skin.


Are handmade dining table mats out of style?

No, they are not. Handmade Dining Table mats are a great way to add style to your dining table. But it's not just about choosing any old Dining Table mats - it's about finding the right style, material, color, and design that will give your table the look you want for your home decor.


What is the best material to make napkins out of?

As far as napkin making is concerned, most people agree that handmade cotton napkins are the best. They are sturdy and absorbent, but not too thick or thin. Making cotton napkins is a great way to save money and have a small but important impact on the environment.


What is a good size for cloth napkins?

It depends on personal usage. At Veaves, we have cotton napkin sizes in 14" x 14" inches.


What material coaster is best?

That depends on your taste. The choice is pretty overwhelming as there are many kinds of different designs, shapes and colors available, and you can find tons of them in lots of online stores. At Veaves, we have handmade cotton and handmade dupion silk.