How do you make a handmade coaster?

There are two ways to weave coasters. One is to make it by hand, which is often for decorative purposes. It is made by a 3-2-3-2 pattern, and the yarns are usually cotton, silk, linen, or wool. It has rich colors, and the designs are usually floral or abstract. To make one, you need a fabric with designs as per your desire and cut them in the size of the coaster. After you are done with the last coaster, you will have to add a border to make it look like an actual handmade coaster and lastly to preserve the art, you can cover it with a glass frame and lock it with natural wood. At Veaves, we have such handmade coasters which are unique and handmade with care.


What type of material is used in handmade coasters?

There are no rules. You can use any kind of material you like for your coaster. At Veaves, the material we use for handmade coasters are cotton, linen and dupion silk.


What are the best handmade coasters sets to buy?

The best handmade coasters sets are made to protect the table, they are also good looking. They are scratch and moisture resistant. They are a great addition to any home! At Veaves, we do have such handmade coasters set which will protect your table in style.


What is the ideal size of a handmade coaster?

The ideal size depends on the purpose of your handmade coaster. However, there are design patterns and structures that work best. If the coaster is meant to be used as an accent on a coffee table, it should be square or octagon. At Veaves, our handmade coaster size are 4"x4" Inches.


What are the best ways to clean your handmade coaster?

Handmade coasters are not supposed to be cleaned with water. They can only be cleaned with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh cleaners or abrasive cleaning agents, as they might damage the coaster. You can use a little vinegar in warm water to clean the stains out of the coaster in case of any such complication. Just a little tip: The coaster can easily be cleaned with damp clothing by just water, a simple solution to keep it new for a long time.