Handmade Coaster Ideas to Enhance Your Space This Summer

There are many little ways to accessorize and level-up the aesthetics of your dining table. Handmade Coasters can help elevate your space and enhance the value of your furniture by complementing the style of the table or the overall decor of the room. 

At Veaves, we make our products with value and care and that includes our elegantly designed coasters. The intricate craftsmanship of the weave is protected carefully by a glass encasing so you can have a worry free sip of your favourite beverage. Each coaster is uniquely handcrafted with patience and attention to detail to offer you the spiritual essence of the Wabi Sabi lifestyle of leisure and art. 

If you ask us, handmade coasters are the perfect effortless addition that adds both aesthetics and functionality to your space on casual and festive occasions. By adding an extra layer of protection and incorporating style, design, and coordination, coasters can enhance the aesthetic value of a dining table and elevate the dining experience.

This season of summer, we’ve made a list of the perfect coasters to add to your space: 

1. Thalia Hanwovern Coasters:


Thaila Handmade Coaster Ideas


Thalia meaning "bloom" in English, is a set of handcrafted coasters woven with hand-embroidered, Jacquard motifs. Dyed in an eye-catching shade of Aegean blue, it showcases the richness of African-Aztec culture making it the perfect match for a summer spent outdoors or a high-tea tablescape with refreshing beverages with your besties. They pair perfectly well with our Haruto Handwoven Cushions to create the perfect summer aesthetics. 



2. Sylva Handmade Coasters: 


Sylva Handmade Coaster Ideas


Derived from the Latin word ‘forest’ Sylva is our set of handmade coasters that are beautifully illustrated by floral designs that were painstakingly embroidered by hand. These festive coaster sets make for a great addition to a traditional setting. Style it with brass utensils during poojas for a grand dining tablescape aesthetics. 



3. Muhibbah Coasters


Muhibbah Handmade Coaster Ideas


This coaster set is handwoven from pure cotton and features West Bengali Kantha hand embroidery that represents rural craft. The rural crafts aesthetic of these handmade coaster ideas adds a gentle pop of colour and elegance to any solid surface to come alive for the summer. Place these on your coffee table to relax and enjoy the evening summer breeze. 



4. Elysian Coasters: 


Elysian Handmade Coaster Ideas


The modern-chic geometric block print on our set of handwoven pure cotton coasters honours the originality and creativity that our artisans add to each and every one of our goods. These geometrically designed coaster sets fit perfectly for a wabi sabi vibe to your space by exuding a calm and soothing aura. Place it in your reading corner along with some fresh flowers for an uplifting mood. 



5. Saturn Handwoven Coasters


Saturn Handmade Coaster Ideas


This set of cotton coasters, which bears the name "Saturn" in honour of the Roman God of Agriculture, features delicate hand embroidery and a very simple design. These handmade coaster sets are the ideal accessory for a festive evening. The muted tones bring an understate appeal to your dining table by pairing it with our Claudia Handwoven Table Runner or Antistrofi Dining Set for a modern festive home. 



Overall, handmade coasters are a great addition to your living space to show your guests your finer attention to detail while also creating a functional and comfortable setting in your space.