A Celebration of Femininity and Nature

We love to style! Veaves was born out of the innate desire to showcase heritage crafts through a slow and sustainable lens and we started out first with an unparalleled range of handcrafted home decor. Inspired and overwhelmed by the love we received for our elegant home decor, we decided to expand our horizon to cater to the needs of modern Indian women, introducing to you our latest collection of sustainably luxurious apparel for women

Appealing not just to Indian, but to global standards as well, our ready-to-wear line is a celebration of womanhood that blossoms at the heart of nature. There is something so soothingly strong about the sisterhood of women and the beautiful friendship they share. We channelled this energy into making our apparel line create the most exquisite collection of comfort, style and feminity. 

Materialising our love for the grace of femininity and nature, we stitched together a collection of breathable, seamless silhouettes handwoven in natural fibres such as cotton and linen that snuggle your skin in softness. Our elegant ready-to-wear separates were crafted keeping in mind the form, functionality and fashion to serve the best of sustainable luxury. The tasteful flair of our dresses compliments the confidence of today’s women. 

From warm dusky tints and bright vibrant sheens to pretty pastel hues, our latest line embodies the vast palette of nature’s soothing shades, handwoven in premium, ethically sourced fabrics. From the stitch to the detailed embroidery, everything was meticulously thought through, designed and executed to deliver the best of slow, sustainable fashion. 

The detailed embroidery and motifs you’ll find on our tops are inspired by global and local cultures that merge into a cosmopolitan fusion. The versatility of the ensembles fits seamlessly to give you breathable comfort. Mix and match or get it as a pair, our collection is a timeless, tactile addition to your modern wardrobe. 

Saving the best, most interesting bit to the last is our process of creating our collection. We believe that everything must have a purpose, which is why each order, every single piece we make is handmade individually over time. From hand-picking the best materials and hand-crafting with care, we take our time to allow our artisans time to perfect the design. Every piece is hand-woven, hand-embroidered and stitched to your size. It doesn’t end there, after the final silhouette is made, our quality check experts carefully examine each piece of apparel to make sure everything is perfect before it reaches you. 

Yes, we know it sounds tedious but this is the effort it takes to be true to slow, sustainable fashion. This is how we show that we care about the planet and you in everything that we do. 

So what are you waiting for? Experience authentic, graceful ensembles of redefined luxury now! Don’t be late as the thing with handmade is that it is made in small quantities and no two pieces are ever the same!