We are Veaves

Inspired by haute craftsmanship, Veaves brings to you age-old techniques in textiles that was once the soul of the nation. The art of handloom weaving thrived over 5800 years ago and has been passed on for generations since. Our love for classic and timeless art is what encourages us to support the weavers of this lost legacy of hand weaving, who bring each textile to life, incorporated with their personal traditions and stories. We strive to re-ignite their pride in their work and engage the next generation of weavers to continue these traditions. All for you to have and care for, just like we do.

We are on a Mission

At Veaves, care is deep-rooted in our mission. We endeavour to do what it takes to revive the art of hand-weaving and celebrate it like it once was and bring it back to everyday lives.

"The city that illumines truth and reveals reality - Diana l. eck

Banaras – the land where experience and discovery reach the ultimate bliss. The unique architecture and stories behind every lane, site and temple in Benares offers great inspiration for creating beautiful art, art that has inspired most of Veaves collection. With a team of experienced and talented craftsmen, we offer a unique blend of western and rural designs in our products, an effort to cater to everyone’s taste and preferences. Because we are an in-house craft brand, the creative minds behind Veaves bring to life the ideas and designs truly inspired by the energy and activities of Banaras.