The Veaves Legacy

As the sand of handloom slips through the clock of cultural heritage, Veaves brings you age-old traditions that were once the heart and soul of the nation, inspired by the opulence of handcrafts. Handloom weaving flourished over 5800 years ago and has been passed down through the generations. Our passion for keeping up with traditional and timeless art inspires us to aid the weavers of this lost trait of hand-weaving, who bring each fabric to life with their own distinctive tales and traditions. We hope to rekindle the enthusiasm of this craft and inspire the next generation of weavers to carry on the legacy, which together we unroll with every creation at Veaves.

Our Vision

We deem ourselves responsible for providing opportunities to motivated individuals in our handloom school for the weavers to further the art of handloom weaving in impoverished regions of our country. We want to be able to grow the artisan and weavers especially women in the rural area, make them financially independent. We would like to cater to people who appreciate and have the taste for the work we are doing. We want to be the brand that successfully grows the bond between weavers and customers to form a fruitful connection.


Our design inspiration for Haute craftsmanship
Our design inspiration for Haute craftsmanship. Banaras is the place of ultimate joy, where adventure and discovery collide. Banares' distinctive architecture and history behind each alley, site, and temple provide wonderful inspiration for the creation of beautiful art, which has influenced the majority of Veaves' collection. We offer a unique blend of western and country designs in our products, in an effort to accommodate everyone's taste and preferences, thanks to a team of experienced and talented craftsmen. Because Veaves is an in-house craft brand, the creative brains behind it bring concepts and designs to the reality that are authentically inspired by Banaras' vibrancy and activity.