Banal Handwoven StoleBanal Handwoven Stole

Banal Handwoven Stole

1 review
Rs. 3,100
Leticia Hand-Woven StoleLeticia Hand-Woven Stole

Leticia Hand-Woven Stole

No reviews
Rs. 2,799
Euphoria Hand-Woven Stole,Euphoria Hand-Woven Stole,

Euphoria Hand-Woven Stole,

No reviews
Rs. 2,999
Spožs Stole - VeavesSpožs Stole - Veaves

Spožs Stole

No reviews
Rs. 2,815
Float - Handwoven Linen StoleFloat - Handwoven Linen Stole

Float - Handwoven Linen Stole

No reviews
Rs. 4,499
Terza Handwoven Silk StoleTerza Handwoven Silk Stole

Terza Handwoven Silk Stole

No reviews
Rs. 3,699
Casa Hand-woven Women StolesCasa Hand-woven Women Stoles

Casa Hand-woven Women Stoles

No reviews
Rs. 3,199
Leonita Hand-woven StoleLeonita Hand-woven Stole

Leonita Hand-woven Stole

No reviews
Rs. 2,599
Meld Cotton Handwoven StoleMeld Cotton Handwoven Stole

Meld Cotton Handwoven Stole

No reviews
Rs. 2,999
Gilded Cotton StoleGilded Cotton Stole

Gilded Cotton Stole

No reviews
Rs. 2,499
Fure Stole. - VeavesFure Stole. - Veaves

Fure Stole.

No reviews
Rs. 4,750
Egress Handwoven StoleEgress Handwoven Stole

Egress Handwoven Stole

No reviews
Rs. 3,100
Conjoin Handwoven StoleConjoin Handwoven Stole

Conjoin Handwoven Stole

No reviews
Rs. 3,300
Belisario Handwoven StoleBelisario Handwoven Stole

Belisario Handwoven Stole

No reviews
Rs. 2,499
Crumple Handwoven StoleCrumple Handwoven Stole

Crumple Handwoven Stole

No reviews
Rs. 3,499
Regia Hand-woven Cotton StoleRegia Hand-woven Cotton Stole

Regia Hand-woven Cotton Stole

No reviews
Rs. 2,999
Jovial Hand-Woven  StoleJovial Hand-Woven  Stole

Jovial Hand-Woven Stole

No reviews
Rs. 2,399
Masque Cotton Handwoven StoleMasque Cotton Handwoven Stole

Masque Cotton Handwoven Stole

No reviews
Rs. 3,599
Evince Cotton StoleEvince Cotton Stole

Evince Cotton Stole

No reviews
Rs. 3,399
Arcadia Stole - VeavesArcadia Stole - Veaves

Arcadia Stole

No reviews
Rs. 3,000
Kismet Stole - VeavesKismet Stole - Veaves

Kismet Stole

No reviews
Rs. 2,850
Serè  Stole - VeavesSerè  Stole - Veaves

Serè Stole

No reviews
Rs. 3,075

Embrace the Elegance of Stoles for Ladies: Exquisite Handcrafted Designs from Veaves


In the realm of fashion, stoles for ladies stand as timeless emblems of grace and sophistication. These versatile pieces transcend the boundaries of mere accessories, transforming into captivating expressions of personal style and cultural heritage. At Veaves, we celebrate the exquisite artistry of handwoven stoles, meticulously crafted to drape every woman with an aura of elegance.

Our stoles for ladies embody the rich traditions of Indian handloom weaving, a legacy that has endured for millennia. Each thread bears the imprint of skilled artisans, their deft hands interlacing vibrant hues and intricate patterns into a tapestry of enduring beauty. Our stoles are not merely garments; they are stories woven in silk, cotton, and wool, whispering tales of craftsmanship and timeless elegance.


Stoles for Ladies: A Canvas for Exquisite Expression


Our stoles for ladies are more than just accessories; they are powerful tools of self-expression. With a myriad of designs and colours to choose from, our stoles allow women to curate their unique style, adding a touch of personal flair to any ensemble. Whether paired with a traditional saree or a modern outfit, our stoles seamlessly elevate the look, adding a touch of refinement and sophistication.

Our stoles for ladies are not just about aesthetics but also are about comfort and versatility. Draped over the shoulders, they offer a touch of warmth and elegance, while providing a practical solution for unpredictable weather conditions. Our stoles are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal companions for any occasion, from casual outings to formal events.

Embrace the Beauty of Handcrafted Stoles from Veaves.



What is a ladies' stole?

A ladies stole is a long, narrow scarf that is typically worn over the shoulders. It is a versatile accessory that can be dressed up or down and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Stoles are typically made from soft, lightweight fabrics such as silk, pashmina, or cashmere.


What is the size of the ladies' stole?

Ladies' stoles typically range in size from 70 to 80 centimetres wide and 200 to 250 centimetres long. However, there is no one standard size for stoles, and the size can vary depending on the style and fabric of the stole.


What is the difference between a stole and a shawl?

The main difference between a stole and a shawl is that a stole is typically longer and narrower than a shawl. Stoles are also often more formal than shawls and are often worn with evening gowns or other formal attire. Shawls, on the other hand, can be worn for a variety of occasions, from casual to formal.


Which fabric is best for a stole?

The best fabric for a stole depends on the occasion and the desired look. Silk stoles are luxurious and elegant, and are perfect for formal occasions. Pashmina stoles are soft and warm and are ideal for cool weather. Cashmere stoles are also soft and warm, but are more lightweight than pashmina. Other popular fabrics for stoles include cotton, linen, and modal.


Why do we wear stoles?

There are many reasons why people wear stoles. Stoles can be worn to keep warm, to protect from the sun, or to add a touch of style to an outfit. Stoles can also be worn to cover bare shoulders or to conceal a neckline that is too low.