Threads of Care

At Veaves, care is deep-rooted in our mission and we are on the path to revive the art of hand-weaving. We want to celebrate it like it once was, by bringing it back to everyday lives through home furnishings and accessories. 
Care for us means putting our hearts and souls into everything that we do. 
Gentle yet firm Threads of Care bind us together. It is a Thread that begins from the soul of our artisans, weaving through quality assurance, customer satisfaction and communication.
Every day, we are tirelessly working for our small threads to leave an indelible mark on the grand tapestry of our world.

The Three Elements of 'Threads of Care'



Those who put their heart and soul into making a design come to life.



Those who choose to be conscious buyers and relish their experience of handloom textiles



That which is made with utmost care and passed down with value additions in each step.